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Delaware Department of Transportation

Transportation Alternatives Program - TAP

2022-23 Project Calls For New TAP Applications – deadline September 23, 2022

DelDOT welcomes federal fiscal year 2023 applications statewide as they are now being accepted through September 23, 2022. TAP project submissions will be reviewed, ranked, and accepted on a competitive basis and may be judged among different population distribution and priority areas of the State. The anticipated project submissions do not supersede similar or timely TAP submissions called for under the WILMAPCO (Wilmington Area Planning Council) MPO. WILMAPCO represents Delaware’s urbanized area (population over 200,000 population), and suballocates funding under TAP for distribution in New Castle County. WILMAPCO distributes calls for upon projects within their jurisdictional TAP submissions independently. However, application efforts and project selection with WILMAPCO will be coordinated in unison.

DelDOT’s Planning Section held an informal TAP Application Overview webinar on September 1, 2022, which addressed pre-submission questions and concerns. Please follow the links below for a recording of this meeting and the presentation slides.

Please see the below flyer as DelDOT is requesting a call for new TAP projects throughout the state. 

Applying for TAP

Project sponsors should first establish if the proposed project is eligible for TAP funding by determining its qualifying category and relationship to surface transportation. If you are not a eligible entity be sure to secure a government agency or eligible entity as a primary co-sponsor for the project. Currently in Delaware, TAP funding can be requested for up to 80% of a project’s total estimated cost. Since TAP only reimburses for paid costs up to these limits, a project sponsor should ensure other sources of non- federal transportation funding is available for a minimum of 20% of the project costs. Once this information has been considered, the project sponsor should prepare and submit a TAP application. ALL applications outside of WILMAPCO jurisdiction should be submitted to DelDOT or as directed by DelDOT.

To apply for a TAP project within the WILMAPCO jurisdiction and to learn more about the area boundary, visit: WILMAPCO

Eligible Activities

  • Installing sidewalks
  • Preserving scenic and historic areas
  • Rail to trail conversions or public connections to them
  • Rehabilitating historic buildings
  • Creating bicycle and multi-use pathways
  • Renovating streetscapes
  • Installing lighting and crosswalks/safety measures geared to pedestrian or bike safety, or streetscape enhancement
  • Historic preservation and vegetation management along a public transportation corridor
  • Environmental mitigation related to stormwater and habitat connectivity.
  • Scenic Overlooks
  • A full eligibility list is found here.

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