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Delaware Department of Transportation

Professional Services

Registration Information

Note: This information is for New Consultants only. If you are a Previously Registered Consultant, please click here

Information for Consultant Registry Packet

Insure that the Registration Form has authorized consultant signatures. (See the link at the bottom of the page for registration form)

Certificates, if Applicable

Provide us with updated copies of the certificates required for Area of Expertise one (1) through eleven (11). Please make sure they will be current through the Fiscal Year.

Inter-company relationships

If your firm is a subsidiary to another firm or if your firm owns subsidiary firms please provide a description of the incorporation status of the firm(s) and a description of the relationship between your firm(s). We are primarily interested in situations where related companies could be involved on DelDOT projects.

Inter-company relationships are of a particular interest to us. We want to know what entity it is that we will be involved with should a procurement opportunity present itself. If a subsidiary company is operating under the umbrella of a parent company and yet still maintains a separate Federal I.D. number then that subsidiary should be registered with us separately. Please contact our office if you have any questions regarding this matter.

Current Standard Form 254

Provide us with detailed descriptions of recent project experience for projects in each area of expertise that you have checked on the "Information for Consultant Register" form.

Current Standard Form 255

List resume information for key persons with expertise for the areas you are seeking registration in Item No. 7 of the SF 255. We prefer that the resumes be shown on a 2 individuals per page format, however we will accept 1 individual/per page. Ten (10) resumes are the maximum permitted for the registration process. The personnel listed must be full-time employees of the firm. Resumes are not to be submitted for on-call associates, retirees, etc. Information listed in Item No. 10 is limited to a maximum of 2 pages. It is the registered consultant's responsibility to inform Delaware DOT if a key person is no longer available to work on our projects. Note: SF330 is an acceptable substitution. Any other substitution must have prior approval by the DelDOT Consultant Control Coordinator.

Current Schedule of Salary Rates

Provide a listing for rates (actual or average) of all disciplines that are routinely billed to clients. If all-inclusive rates are used, please indicate the multipliers that are used for determining overhead/indirect cost, profit, and how the additive was developed.

Current Overhead/Indirect Cost Rate

If available, please provide a copy of the firm's most recently audited rate. The rate may be as audited by a Federal or State audit agency or it may be prepared by the firm's accountant. Overhead costs should be determined per 48 Code of Federal Regulations (FARs) subpart 31 - Contracts with Commercial Organizations. We consider direct labor as the base for determining an acceptable overhead/indirect cost rate

It is not permissible to indicate that overhead/indirect cost information is unavailable. There must be some information provided to support an additive that represents those costs applicable for doing business as a consultant.

Current Rates for Direct Expenses

Provide the unit costs for the various elements of expense that are consistently billed to your clients.

The burden of conformance with all licensing, regulatory, and statutory requirements to perform work for the Delaware Department of Transportation is the responsibility of the firm applying for registration.

Postal Mail Address:
Delaware Department of Transportation
Contract Administration
Consultant Registration
P.O. Box 778
Dover, DE 19903

Express Mail Address:
Delaware Department of Transportation
Contract Administration
Consultant Registration
800 Bay Road
Dover, DE 19901

Contact Information:

Consultant Control Coordinator 

No company brochures or promotional materials are to be submitted with the registration material.

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