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Delaware Department of Transportation

Vehicle Volume Summary (Traffic Counts)

Delaware Vehicle Volume Summary 2019 (Traffic Summary)

2019 Delaware Vehicle Volume Counts

Wavetronix Icon  This icon is included in segments for which Wavetronix devices were used to collect volume data.

NOTE: Any Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) with an ASTERISK (*) next to it means that it belongs to a new segment created during the 2019 segmentation study carried out by Del Dot. The AADT was calculated either by mirroring surrounding segments which show no significant or little change in traffic volume or by factoring surrounding segments using the Traffic Pattern Group(TPG) belonging to the road. Furthermore, the segments are scheduled to be counted in 2020.

2019 Annual Average Daily Traffic.kmz This link opens a Google Earth File

2019 ATR Locations.kmz This link opens a Google Earth File

Delaware Department of Transportation does not endorse Google EarthTM. Google EarthTM is recognized as a popular geospatial data viewing tool for the general public.
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The Traffic Summary is an annual DelDOT publication that contains updated traffic data on each roadway segment in the highway network, organized by county and maintenance road number.

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