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Delaware Department of Transportation

Delaware Bike Council

Cycling Infrastructure Innovation Application

About the Grant

Since 2015, the Delaware Bicycle Council has awarded small Bikeway Innovation Grants to communities all over Delaware to fund project ideas designed to make family-friendly bicycle network improvements that will enable more people to safely get where they want to go using a bicycle.

We use the "12-year old test" to shape our grant decisions. Do the parents of a typical 12-year old feel comfortable allowing their child to bicycle to school? To the library? To get some ice cream downtown with their friends? To go to their friends’ homes in other nearby neighborhoods? Or are most 12-year-olds (and adults!) trapped in an isolated “island” of a few blocks around their homes, unable to reach these sorts of everyday destinations because they don’t want to cycle on or across roads where they feel uncomfortable or unsafe?

Proposals for improving cycling can range from the simple to the grand. We will consider requests for assistance in advancing new projects, such as but not limited to pathways, protected bike lanes and bicycle streets. We will support project ideas that expand existing cycling infrastructure; fill “gaps”; and address obstacles and safety hazards. Projects should be in areas where the local jurisdiction (applicant) has control of the necessary right-of-way either through ownership or agreement. The local jurisdiction is expected to maintain the facility once constructed.

We encourage you to think big when making an application. We want to fund ambitious projects with potentially significant impacts on bikeability in your community.

The Delaware Bicycle Council invites you to apply for assistance to help realize a cycling improvement project in your community by filling out the grant application.

The cycling infrastructure innovation grant is only open to state municipalities and the three County Offices. Private entities who have an idea for cycling improvement and/or infrastructure should contact their local government on potentially applying for the grant.


A letter agreement MUST be signed before awarded funds can be disbursed.

Applicant shall verify they are listed as a vendor in DelDOT's system.

Applicant shall be responsible for managing the grant and provide updates to the Delaware Bicycle Council.

Grant funds MUST be transferred to the applicant in the fiscal year in which they are awarded, where the end of the state's fiscal year will be June 30th.

Description: On behalf of the Delaware Bicycle Council, cycling infrastructure grant funds have been made available. The goal of the Cycling Infrastructure Innovation Grant is to assist communities to become more bicycle-friendly. The Cycling Infrastructure Innovation Grant Working Group reviews and prioritizes the applications and grants are awarded by a vote of the full council.

Eligibility: Grant requests must demonstrate the need for cycling improvements and/or infrastructure that will be a benefit and supported by those in the community.

The 2023 Cycling Infrastructure Innovation Grant is closed and will no longer be accepting applications.

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