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Delaware Department of Transportation

Stormwater Management

Report a Problem

You can help us protect our water quality by reporting:

  • Anyone improperly disposing laundry wastewater, septic system effluent, oil, or any household chemicals into the storm drain system.
  • Any strange odors or stains near a storm drain
  • Any dead fish in streams or ponds

Report Illegal Dumping or Additional Information:

DNREC at 800-662-8802
DelDOT at 800-652-5600 or 302-760-2080

Report a Drainage Problem or other Stormwater Maintenance Concern:

DNREC Stormwater Help Line: 302-855-1955 or 1-800-464-4357
DelDOT General Information: 800-652-5600 or 302-760-2080

  • New Castle County (North): 302-894-6300
  • New Castle County (Canal): 302-323-1111
  • Kent County (Central): 302-739-1111
  • Sussex County (South): 302-855-1111

 ADA Information