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Delaware Department of Transportation

Transportation Improvement Districts

TIDs in Operation

Southern New Castle County

Following a lengthy planning study, a Southern New Castle County TID was established in August 2014 for the area bounded by the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal and Scott Run, US Route 13, the Delmarva Secondary rail line, and Marl Pit Road. DelDOT, New Castle County, and area developers entered into agreements to participate in the TID. Under this arrangement, developers make payments to DelDOT in lieu of doing Traffic Impact Studies and constructing off-site improvements.

Westown in Middletown

A TID was established as a voluntary program in Middletown, Del., as part of the Westown Master Plan, through a series of agreements with the affected land owners. Because the town, developers, and DelDOT worked together, separate Traffic Impact Studies could be consolidated into a more efficient process that avoided piece-meal roadway improvements. Under the voluntary agreement, the town oversees general planning coordination, including provisions for sewer and electrical service, and DelDOT oversees the traffic analysis, construction, and funding for roadway improvements.

Developers provide input on roadway and bicycle/pedestrian connections and transit amenities, contribute funds for the roadway improvements, and provide the required rights-of-way, utility relocations, and stormwater management facilities to support the roadway improvements. This collaboration supports complete communities planning techniques and fosters multi-modal transportation connections allowing for efficient infrastructure and a better quality of life: a community where you can learn, live, shop, work, and play.

Eastown in Middletown

DelDOT and the Town of Middletown have established the Eastown TID, to implement the East Middletown Master Transportation Plan.

Henlopen TID

Sussex County and DelDOT are working to develop a TID southwest of SR1, north of Herring Creek and Chapel Branch, and east of Beaver Dam Rd. and Bundicks Branch.

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