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Delaware Department of Transportation

Archaeology/Historic Preservation

Nassau School Public Workshop

Materials presented at the public workshop held on February 24, 2020. Read More...

Archaeology Help Page

Thank you for visiting the Archaeology/Historic Preservation section of the DelDOT website. We are working to continually improve the presentation of material on our site for ease of use.

Our latest improvement is a searchable index listing for our Archaeology/Historic Preservation Reports. The listing is found on the Report Search link on the right side of the page and it automatically displays all reports available upon first visiting the page. To narrow the listing, you may choose a selection from one or more of the search criteria fields which include the following:

Chronological Categories such as Environmental Contexts, Prehistoric Contexts, Paleoindian, etc.

Categories such as Architectural History, Bridges, Mills, Schools, etc.

Type - choose either Archaeology reports, Historical Preservation reports, or All..

Title - If you know the report title, enter any part of it (including the DelDOT Archaeological Series No.)

TIP: If you are searching for a particular report by a keyword in the title, it will be most helpful to keep the first search very simple. For example, if you are looking for reports on U.S. Route 13, try typing just 13 in the title search block! If looking for the report for Archaeological Series No. 156, type 156 in the title search block, and so on.

County - select one of the three county tabs (see ). The default is to show Statewide (all).

Should you receive "Requested Page Not Found" or any other errors, click the link to e-mail the Webmaster  and we will be happy to assist as soon as possible. You may also receive assistance by contacting the DelDOT Archaeologists. Their e-mail links and telephone numbers are located along the right sides of the pages in this section.

Visitors with visual impairments or limitations can also access a free suite of tools  from Adobe Systems to assist in viewing documents in PDF format.

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