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Delaware Department of Transportation

Archaeology/Historic Preservation


DelDOT Archaeology Series: No. 2

Gruber, Jacob W.


Preliminary Report of the Archaeological Survey Along the Right-of-Way of FAI-1, State of Delaware.

Delaware Department of Transportation Archaeology Series No. 2.

This report presents the results of an archaeological survey along the route of interstate highway I-95 across the northern part of Delaware. According to the author, this survey may be one of the earliest of its kind along the East Coast, stimulated by provisions of the 1955 Federal Highway Construction Act.

The survey was restricted to the portion of the right-of-way extending west of Churchman's Marsh to the Maryland State line, west of Iron Hill. The survey consisted of a general inspection of the ground surface for signs of prehistoric activity. The investigator also conducted interviews with local residents and collectors along the project route. Occasionally test units were excavated to determine if subsurface deposits or features were present.

Though information was gathered that prehistoric remains had been collected in the past in the vicinity of the project corridor, no archaeological remains were encountered during the present survey and no sites were identified. The author offers reflections on the results of the survey and provides suggestions for improving the efficiency of future surveys.

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