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Delaware Department of Transportation

Archaeology/Historic Preservation

Annual Report Photos - 1958

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Compaction tests are made on various combinations of soil photo Plans must be drawn photo and carefully checked photo Sometimes roads are built in model form first photo To bring this road up to date photo skin photo Typical section of Delaware's new Interstate Highway System photo First things come first. Edgemoor Road at Marsh Road photo Sand from the sea pumped by huge dredge photo Maryland Avenue newly constructed from Newport to Wilmington photo Baynard Boulevard and Concord Avenue intersection was a dangerous traffic bottleneck photo gallery[1958] photo skin photo This is what is left when the water goes photo skin photo The little white line that means so much to safe driving photo Insecticide spray keeps duPont Parkway one of the most beautiful in the world photo Utility companies work closely with the department to keep lines free from obstruction photo Planning Division employee makes check of vehicle type and volume photo Suburban Development growth is proof that the State is one of the Nation's fastest growing photo Small aluminum road number markers photo Checking truck weight and measurements photo New reflectorized crossover marker photo FAI-1 crosses Route 13-40 at Farnhurst, a major bridge project photo Fenwick Island Bridge gets pre-stressed concrete beam photo Interesting relics of the past photo gallery[1958] photo Top shows the first step which is to widen the old road and prepare a base for the hard surfacing photo A newly surfaced road winds through some of Sussex County's most entrancing countryside photo gallery[1958] New data processing machines operate to make the functions of the Department more efficient photo New headquarters on Route 13 near Dover photo Delaware State Police Training Academy graduates watching photo Capt. Sterling E. Simonds and Sgt John F. Herbert inspecting miniature crime scene photo Speed and drink = 1 death photo The sign reads NO PARKING AT ANY TIME -  1 death, 3 injuries photo Ditching for mosquito control photo Aerial spraying to control mosquitos was performed during the work year photo Ditching mosquito breeding areas photo gallery[1958] photo gallery[1958] photo One of the finest beaches on the Atlantic Coast photo

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