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Delaware Department of Transportation

Archaeology/Historic Preservation

Annual Report Photos - 1965

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Who benefits from good highways? Travelers photo the military photo transporters - truck photo businesses - photo industries - photos school transportation photo and retail industry (notice the large block letters atop the storefront 'W T GRANT CO photo Revenue sources come from the Federal government photo the general fund (from Delaware's Legislature) photo Public Lands Fund photo Expenditures benefit construction photo the Public Land Fund photo Highway Administration photo Highway Maintenance photo and Highway Planning photo James J. Deputy, Controller photo Master of highways in New Castle County photo Before construction can begin, original soil and foundation conditions must be investigated photo The design of a new road or bridge takes months of detailed work by engineering experts photo Right-of-Way seminar, part of the training program for staff appraisers photo Twin bridges under construction as part of the Frederica By-Pass photo Aerial view of dual bridges crossing Murderkill River east of Frederica photo Frederica By-Pass nears completion. Part of the 2.02 miles of dual highway under construction can be seen in the upper right photo Looking south from Naamans Road photo Approach road to ferry at Lewes under construction photo Tree trimming maintenance photo Traffic begins to roll on the completed Frederica By-Pass photo Water control structures are a Bridge Section responsibility photo onstruction of a culvert on FAI and FAII between Wilmington and Claymont photo The graceful Brandywine Creek Bridge on Interstate I-95 located in Wilmington's Brandywine Park photo The dual Indian River Bridge on Route 14 nearing completion photo Redecked bridge, New Castle County photo An important phase of maintenance is the removal of excess water from roadways photo Snow fighter gets a grease job in the Bear Maintenance Shop photo Roadside mowing in Sussex photo Curve shoulder surface treated for safety photo Turning lane installed on Kirkwood Highway photo Forsythia and Dogwood bloom in the median strip in Kent County photo Applying paint at 190 degrees for quick drying photo The complex mechanism of the modern traffic control box photo Another sign completed in the all modern sign shop photo State Police Officer talking on the radio photo Land clearance through Wilmington nearly complete for path for I-95 photo Construction of I-95 underway in south Wilmington photo Closeup of completed I-95 approach to Wilmington photo Example of a primary road photo Example of a secondary road photo Example of a tertiary road photo President of 10-year Club photo Busy staff in Controller's Office photo Maintenance men keep up to date on new techniques at yearly seminars photo College student participating in summer program takes a sighting on survey party photo Problem solving - Design Section photo Credit Union officers attend dinner meeting photo Col. Eugene B. Ellis, Superintendent, State Police Division photo A State Police facility photo Officer completing his daily report after a tour of duty on turnpike photo Russell W. Whitby, Commissioner, Motor Vehicles photo A view of the I-95 complex at the Farnhurst Interchange photo

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