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Delaware Department of Transportation

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Annual Report Photos - 1966

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Henry T. Price Chairman image Gov. Charles L. Terry and Henry T. Price Image Highway Commission Members Lemuel H. Hickman, Vice Chairman of Frankford and Frank H. Mackie, Jr. of Wilmington Image Highway Commission Members Thurman Adams, Jr. of Bridgeville and William R. Murray of Frankford Image Highway Commission Members William G. Dorsey of Wilmington and George M. Nelson of Delmar Image Highway Commission Members William J. Francis of Townsend and Elmer Pratt of Smyrna Image Highway Commission Members C. Wardon Gass of Wilmington and Walter L. Wheatley of Clayton Image Surveys conducted as part of the planning process Improved intersection design provides the safety and convenience of a right-turn lane image Improved intersection design provides the safety and convenience of a right-turn lane image The complexities of design are revealed in the drawing image Relocation of utilities proceeds on a highway widening project image Right-of-Way negotiators discuss the acquisition of a parcel of land needed for highway expansion image Thousands of tests are performed each year by the Materials and Research Division image Maintaining a statewide quality control both on Departmental construction work and contract projects is the chief function of the Construction Division image The Bridge Division's primary responsibilities are design of highway bridges (as shown under construction) sign and pedestrian bridges, culverts, retaining walls, water control structures, impoundments, and other related installations image Photo shows a bridge design problem involving drainage control Roadside weed control image Dune restoration image A picnic area was developed north of Dover at the intersection of Route 13 and Road 154 image A new traffic adjusted and coordinated signal control system has been put into operation on the Dover Bypass image A program is being initiated on all the important highways whereby all side and crossroad signs will carry the name or number of the upcoming road on an auxiliary plate below the warning sign so as to give adequate advance warning image Adams-Jackson Street excavation cuts swath through Wilmington image Earth-moving operations going on at the huge cloverleaf just north of the Wilmington line on U.S. 202 image Construction on Naamans's Interchange nears completion image A safety rest area site north of Smyrna on U.S. Route 13 is being developed at a cost of approximately $100,000 image A $2 million permanent mosquito control program that included ditching and impounding was signed to the Engineering Division im age Among other new equipment, fogging machines were purchased to supplement the work of the aircraft image Engineering/Design Personnel image Maintenance Personnel Data Processing Personnel image Equipment Maintenance Personnel image Obsolete equipment continues to be replaced with new equipment for compatibility with the new method of operation image An important addition to the Civil Defense system was accomplished with the installation of an FM radio network connecting all County Emergency Operating Centers with the State Control Center at Delaware City. Divided, controlled-access highways of the Interstate System provide convenient, safe and economical transportation image I-95 construction completed in South Wilmington image Delaware's primary routes accommodate 75% of all traffic Fast, long-distance travel between various regions of the State is carried on the Primary system Delaware's secondary system is designed to serve rural transportation and connect small communities with the primary system image Secondary road image Local streets and roads serving rural and suburban residences comprise the tertiary system image Tertiary road image Tertiary road image Tertiary road image Grade separation utilizing reinforced concrete trestles on I-95 continues to grow image Another high-volume roadway takes shape in the Primary system image A hot-mix roller puts the finishing touches on a resurfacing project on a Secondary road image Safety is a major factor in the replacement of narrow bridges image Many suburban streets require reconstruction or resurfacing image Safety spot improvement program aims to give the driver the largest possible margin for error image Timely resurfacing prevents loss of original investment and represents efficient use of improvement funds image Highway planning must consider projected land use image Streets and highways must provide the framework for Delaware's growing urbanization image Serving recreational needs is part of a highway's function image These parks, beaches, and hunting areas, as well as the many historic sites, are visited by persons throughout the State, and by many out-of-state visitors image Arterial highways must occur at necessary intervals to collect traffic from roads of lesser importance and form logical connections with the routes of equal importance image The collector system, in addition to providing access to land uses adjacent to main highways, collects traffic from local roads and channels it into the arterial system image The terminal ends of travel are served by the local system which provides access to land without provisions for high speed or heavy traffic image Colonel Eugene B. Ellis, Superintendent of Delaware State Police We will continue to escalate our war on highway deaths image Most fo the department's flying is done at a lower cruise speed and, consequently, the hours flown are actually more than the number indicated image State Police Finance Division image Russell W. Whitby, Motor Vehicle Commissioner image

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