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Accelerated Bridge Construction - FHWA DelDOT Workshop

September 17, 2015
DelDOT Administration Building, Farmington-Felton Conference Room
Dover, Delaware

On September 17, 2015, DelDOT and FHWA partnered to host a workshop on Accelerated Bridge Construction. The goal of the workshop was to share details and experiences using various accelerated bridge construction techniques among consultants, contractors, fabricators, and DelDOT staff. Below are the presentations from the workshop. The presentations including speakers' notes (where applicable) can be found by clicking on the link for each speaker.

DelDOT ABC Workshop Agenda 

Workshop Agenda
Presentation Title Presenter
Timeline and Expectations of ABC Initiatives at DelDOT  Barry Benton
Owners Perspective of ABC in New York  Wahid Albert
Contractors Perspective of ABC in New York  Jeff Hanlon
Owners Perspective of ABC in Western PA  Lou Ruzzi
Contractors Perspective of ABC in Western PA  Tyson Hicks
BR 1-438 on Blackbird Station Road over Blackbird Creek  Nick Dean
BR 1-717 on I-95 over SR1  John Milius
BR 1-676 and 1-677 on SR141 over I-95  Fred Braerman
DelDOT ABC Workshop BR 1-714 on N347 Chapman Road over I-95  John Milius
BR 1-680 on SR141 over US13  Mike Angelo and Catherine Chia-Calabria
Presentation is forthcoming   Ben Beerman

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