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Delaware Department of Transportation

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Lesson Learned

  • 2020
  • 2021
2020 DelDOT Lessons Learned March 10th - Polytech High School
Presentation Title Presenter
Barrier Training Mark Buckalew
Erosion & Sediment Control (Part 1) Ting Guo
Erosion & Sediment Control (Part 2) Ting Guo
Erosion & Sediment Control (Part 3) Century Engineering
Erosion & Sediment Control (Part 4) AECOM Engineering
ADA Compliance Inspection Application James Osborne
Constructability – Lessons Learned James Osborne & Brad Saborio
2020 Specifications Updates James Osborne
New Inspection Framework & Closing Maureen Kelley & Mark Buckalew
2021 DelDOT Lessons Learned Day 1
Presentation Title Presenter
  (#1) Opening Remarks   Shanté Hastings
  (#2) Being Good Neighbors   Shanté Hastings
  (#3) Update on New Inspection Framework and Repeat Issues   John Caruano
  (#4) MOT (design and implementation)   Adam Weiser
  (#5) Private vs Public Utilities & Miss Utility and R/W Needs   Eric Cimo
  (#6) BMP (acceptance/as-builts)   Sara Esposito
  (#7) Guardrail/MASH (updates to the standard details), GR without deflection distance behind it, GR leave outs   Adam Weiser
  (#8) Pipe Video Guide   Mike Nauman
2021 DelDOT Lessons Learned Day 2
Presentation Title Presenter

2021 DelDOT Lessons Learned

Day 2

  (#9) Accelerated Bridge Construction   Scott Walls/Nick Dean/Kevin Lindell
  (#10) Spray Applied Pipe Liners   Jon Karam
  (#11) Unifier Tips and Tricks   Billy Sweeney
  (#12) SW/E&S Design Considerations   Steve Wright
  (#13) ADA (scope the project at design with documentation of decisions)   Tom Nickel
  (#14) PAS manual update and project delivery   Jim Pappas
  (#15) E&S Construction Hot Topics   Nate Zimmerman and Ting Guo
  (#16) Unifier E-Ticketing   Mark Buckelew and Billy Sweeney
  (#17) End of day Kudos   Jim Pappas

 ADA Information