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Delaware Department of Transportation

Design Resource Center

Winter Workshop

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2010 Winter Workshop Presentations
Presentation Title Presenter
Archaeology Program - Frederica North & US301  David Clarke
Benefits of Complete Streets  A. Aglio, T. Cherry, S. Sutlic, & R. McCleary
Capital Finance Fundamentals  S. Sturgeon & L. Thornton
Introduction to Continuous Compaction Control Systems  Christopher Meehan
Indian River Inlet Bridge Project Update - 2010  Douglass Robb
Pedestrian Accommodations in Highway Work Zones  Gerald Nagyiski, Jr.
Permitting Coordination Related to Maintenance Activities  Carol Sullivan
Specification Updates - 2010  George Nagase
SR896 Prestressed Concrete Pavement Systems  J. Pinkerton, B. Stewart, & J. Pappas
Standard Construction Details - 2010  Billy Sweeney
US301 Project Update - 2010  D. Bernardo & K. Katz
Year in Review - 2010  Joe Ellis
2011 Winter Workshop Presentations
Presentation Title Presenter
Updates on Civil Rights Issues  Carla Elliott
Every Day Counts Initiative  Tom Harmon, FHWA
Overview of DE MUTCD - Parts 2, 3, 7, 8, & 9  Mark Luszcz
Overview of DE MUTCD - Part 6  Adam Weiser
Strategic Highway Safety Plan Overview  Adam Weiser
Pavement Preservations and Improvements  Shahin Taavoni
Design Guidance Memorandum Update  Linda Osiecki
Indian River Inlet Bridge - 2011 Update  Craig Stevens & Doug Robb
Change Order Overview and Codes Update  Joe Ellis
2010 Specifications Update  Kelly Mannering
2010 Standard Construction Details Revision Update  Billy Sweeney
New Erosion and Sediment Control Compliance Update  Rob McCleary
Noise Policy Implement  Bob Kleinburd
Final Inspection Process Update  Jim Pappas
2013 Winter Workshop Presentations
Presentation Title Presenter
Performance Management  Shante Hastings
ADA Compliance Program  John McNeal
Lessons Learned / Year In Review - 2012  Clayton Bedwell
Statewide Support Services  Brian Urbanek
Traffic Design Manual  Monroe Hite, III
Integrated Transportation Management System  Mark Luszcz
Temporary Traffic Control - Pedestrians  Adam Weiser
Specifications Update  Kelly Mannering
Standard Construction Details Revision Update  Billy Sweeney
I95 / SR1 Update  Darren O'Neill
Utilities Section Update  Joe Hofstee
Planning and Development Coordination Application  Drew Boyce
State Smart Transportation Initiative  Drew Boyce
Post-Installation Pipe Inspection  Barry Benton
Bridge Management Section Overview  Barry Benton
Indian River Inlet Bridge Structural Health Monitoring System  Barry Benton
2014 Winter Workshop Presentations
Presentation Title Presenter
BR 1-366: DelDOT's First GRS-IBS Bridge  Barry Benton
FHWA CAP & PoDI Program Overviews  Dan Montag
US Route 40 RR Crossing Replacement  Bob Perrine & Bill Conway
Distracted Drivers  Adam Weiser
ADA Program Roles & Responsibilities  Jim Pappas
Railroad Coordination  Bob Perrine & Bill Conway
ADA Compliance Review - New Procedures  Clayton Bedwell
Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP)  Adam Weiser
Work Zone Compliance Issues  Gerald Nagyiski
SR1 & I95 Interchange Update  Javier Torrijos
SR1 Widening - The Environmental Process  Jenna Frye
Oversize & Overweight Hauling Permits   Dennis Blades & Peter Haag
Stormwater Quality Program  LaTonya Gilliam
Hazardous Materials Program  Chrissy Edwards
2015 Winter Workshop Presentations
Presentation Title Presenter
Visions and Goals for the Department  Rob McCleary
DelDOT Leadership Academy  Nicole Majeski
MAP 21 / Asphalt Performance  Tom Harman
Lessons Learned - Part I   Maureen Kelley
Project Prioritization  Drew Boyce
I-495 Bridge - Part I - Design Procedures  Barry Benton
I-495 Bridge - Part II - Construction  Javier Torrijos
I-495 Bridge - Part III - Traffic Management  Mark Luszcz
Special Events   Michael Rivera
Water Quality Improvement Program  LaTonya Gilliam
Sign Maintenance Program  Denny Hehman
Horizontal Curve Safety Project  Adam Weiser
DelDOT's 2014 Performance  Shante' Hastings
Lessons Learned - Part II  Maureen Kelley
Specifications Manual Update  Kelly Mannering
Safety Program / Crash Data / ET's  Adam Weiser
Making Delaware the Most Bike-Friendly State  Anthony Aglio
Overview of the ADA Program   Mark Harbeson
ADA Inventory Maps  John McNeal
Utility Section Updates   Eric Cimo
Standard Construction Details   Billy Sweeney
Snow Removal for Sidewalks   Brian Urbanek
DTC Overview  John Sisson
Financial Condition of DelDOT   Hugh Curran
Stormwater Management Regulations Updates & Changes  Vince Davis
2016 Winter Workshop Presentations
Presentation Title Presenter
Bridge Design Manual  Jason Hastings
DelDOT Charm School  Geoff Sundstrom
Pedestrian Safety  Peter Haag
SR 26 - Recognition  Brad Saborio
Trail Projects Update - All 3 Counties  Jeff Niezgoda
M&O Topic / Snow Related  Maureen Kelley
Process Reviews  Pamela May
EO 41 Update  James Pappas
Bridge Program  Jason Hastings/Craig Stevens
Real Estate Tips for Designers  Bob Cunningham
Accelerated Bridge Program  Barry Benton
Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon  Mark Luszcz
CMGC  Darren O'Neill
Diverging Diamond  Darren O'Neill
Finance Update and 301 Funding  Hugh Curran
Auxiliary Lane  Mark Luszcz/Darren O'Neill
Lessons Learned - Part 1  Jantzen Burton
Teardrop Intersection  Bryan Behrens
Utility Summit Overview  Eric Cimo
Lessons Learned - Part 2  Clayton Bedwell
GATE  Drew Boyce
Project Funding  Shanté Hastings
Traffic Data  Mark Luszcz
Programmatic Agreements  David Nicol

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